Hope Happens With a Horse

Jul 21 2010

Meet the Animals


We would like to welcome our newest member to the team, Jake.



Jake is a 3 year old miniature donkey.He is very friendly and loves attention. His life started out badly as he was abused. A family in Marvin took him in and changed his life.He is a good example of people and animals working together.His favorite treat’s are animal crackers and fruit loops.





Lady is a 10 year old registered Quarter Horse (Gems Ginger Lady) who is as easy going as it comes. She is happy doing anything as long as it involves being played with or eating. Standing 14.1 hands she enjoys being bathed, brushed or having her neck scratched.She is known to sleep laying down – just to take a load off.



Penny has been working with children for many years and loves her job. She loves having the children love on her and she gives it back. She likes having her mane brushed and bows put in.



Natalie has become a favorite for some who wish to ride. She is a large horse with a calming nature. She also likes a lot of attention.