Hope Happens With a Horse

Jul 21 2010



Hope Happens with a Horse isn’t about riding horses… It is carefully constructed interactions with trained horses. The goal of our services is to continue to provide positive and healthy interactions that are part of a child s missed development due to neglect, or to help recover from past trauma.

We provide a wide range of customized services for children in need. These services are all provided in a closely supervised and safe manner which will offer positive experiences. These services will be customized to meet the needs of each child and will revolve around the following topics:

Relationships – One of the most focused services will be to provide positive relationship experiences for the child. This will help the child with positive attachment experiences, understanding how to interact, care for and enjoy the interaction with a horse.

Rhythmic Interactions – Providing opportunities to interact with the horse in rhythmic ways has proven to reduce the effects of PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder), rebuild aspects of the brain, and help overcome the physical and emotional issues associated with neglect as a child.

Respect – Dealing with a large animal will help to offer the chance to learn about how to interact and respect a large and strong animal. Interactions will be created that will allow and demonstrate mutual respect for the child and the horse. Ensuring there are appropriate boundaries will set the ground rules for respect.

Care and Nurturing – Taking care of an animal will require caring for and meeting the animal’s needs. Children will be taught and will have the chance to experience how to take care and nurture a horse.

Hygiene – Children will have the opportunity to understand the importance of personal hygiene as they take care of the animal.

Communication – Children will have the opportunity to understand and practice verbal and non-verbal communications. They will also be able to understand non-verbal cues given to them from the horse.